Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Every Feature You Need

~ Easily Upload/Send Recorded Call Audio to the Cloud using:
+ Gmail + Google Drive + Box + DropBox + Evernote + SoundCloud
~ Supports AMR, WAV, 3GPP & MP3 format (ONLY Call Recorder officially licensed to use the MP3 codec)
~ In-Call Screen widget
~ 3x1 & 1x1 Widgets
~ Flexible Record Naming Tool
~ List/Exclude List for which calls to record
~ Password Protection
~ Supports 20+ Languages
~ Recording Search
Full two-sided call recording is not possible on every device & rooting can sometimes improve things and/or may be required. Below is a partial compatibility list.

Call recorder 


  1. Hello to the team of Total Recall. This is a great application and its features are so good. The feature i liked the most is its auto uploading feature on different server locations like gmail, google drive, evernote, dropbox, etc. Thanks!
    Now one can acquire this app in half price with 90 days free demo version.

  2. Good features on this call recorder app, really love it, specially cloud storage for store recording files.