Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Every Feature You Need

~ Easily Upload/Send Recorded Call Audio to the Cloud using:
+ Gmail + Google Drive + Box + DropBox + Evernote + SoundCloud
~ Supports AMR, WAV, 3GPP & MP3 format (ONLY Call Recorder officially licensed to use the MP3 codec)
~ In-Call Screen widget
~ 3x1 & 1x1 Widgets
~ Flexible Record Naming Tool
~ List/Exclude List for which calls to record
~ Password Protection
~ Supports 20+ Languages
~ Recording Search
Full two-sided call recording is not possible on every device & rooting can sometimes improve things and/or may be required. Below is a partial compatibility list.

Call recorder 

Monday, 3 November 2014

Best Genuine Call Recording App !

The system of a call recording may seem like a luxury before a necessity. On the other hand, in several cases holding such a device with an app installed in it can directly facilitate you with lot of things.  Assume certain perilous situations that compel the question, why don't you have a call recording so far? Some situations may run differing to the idea of an ideal family, but in perilous times it's essential. There are several apps accessible over the web. The most significant app is a TotalRecall app which is one of the most flexible apps with easy installation process designed with improved User Interface. It has also an excellent feature like filters, search recording by name or date, saving recorded data name wise in their folders, recorded widgets which makes user convenient to operate this app.

Having a phone call recording app installed on your device is the perfect way for proof of anything as per the situation. By means of a phone call recording one can maintain data so you can be one toddle prior to your concerned family units, friends, kids and relatives.
Call Recorder
Call Recorder

Total recall is one such app which avails you with lots of app benefits. Talking about its features; it facilitates you to maintain covertness with improved user interface. For updates you can tap settings option in your device. User having this app pre-installed can update this app with our latest version 2.0.23. You get a 30 days trial period for knowing about this application benefits and usage. You can also enjoy a benefit of video recording functionality by recording important note, speeches, instructions, etc. It also features to record recordings in AMR, WAV, MP3, MP4 and 3GPP formats.  It has highly flexible recording options with a hot option of securing your device using passwords. The wonderful option in this app is it keeps out from all spam commercials. This app essentially supports to devices which are Android based and we also have a matchless app call recorder name Galaxy S4 & S5 for handsets which are of Galaxy S-series.  This app has a comprehensive list of uploading voice notes and it simply upload and send recorded call audio notes to the Cloud using:  Gmail, Google Drive, Drop Box, Box, Ever note and Sound Cloud.

You possibly will receive regular updates once you pay for this application. In case if your mobile phone is misplaced or theft by someone, then you can effortlessly hold on to your app again on a condition that original purchase / order receipt from which you obtained license allied with your Google Account. And if you want any detail, you can contact us via email at

These are some situations that could take place for you. A mobile phone call recording app can help you and your family unit in several ways like any fake calls, annoying calls from strangers, etc can be easily shown as evidence if any extreme situation arises.  So, it can be expected that now you will get this application downloaded as it entails numerous benefits.